Who am I?

I’m not reffering to the unix command whoami ! but rather asking myself whoami?

One of the most thoughest questions that I have faced in life is during job interviews, where they ask to tell me about myself ( or as you would have heard : "Tell me about yourself!")

So where do I start telling about myself?

If even one of the above is your reply, there will be a high chance of rejection!

So basically most of us would end up preparing for this question, may be analysis paralysis or may be even getting some help online.

But I feel it's worth spending sometime with ourselves asking questions that would help us to know who we really are.

I'm not talking about Sigmund Freud's or ancient texts about psychoanalysis here, but rather experimenting on my own experiences, which might be wrong.

There is a huge difference between What we think we are, What other think we are and What we are in reality.

What do you want to be Forrest?

Want to be? Aren't I going to be me?

That quote above from the movie "Forrest Gump", is very close to my thoughts, I really feel that the "I" is "Me" is ever evolving and never complete, it's like we are not born as human, but rather born to become human.

We might think we are what we do, but for mother nature we are just another set of living organism, for her Poliomyelitis and Java Tiger are the same, it makes no difference.

So in the quest of finding oneself, one needs to experiment a lot and note down his emotions and different instance of life, which might help to give a clue about who we are!

[^]: This article contains random thoughts from my mind, and this keeps evolving as time goes on…so if you feel like laughing out loud, do feel free to do so!