OllamaFunctions and Mistral

OllamaFunctions & Mistral #

This blog post demonstrates how to use LangChain, OllamaFunctions and the Mistral model to extract structured data from unstructured text.

We'll start with a simple example, extracting information about a person from a text block.



from langchain_experimental.llms.ollama_functions import OllamaFunctions
from langchain.chains import create_extraction_chain

# Define the text
Born May 11, 1918
Richard Phillips Feynman
New York City, U.S.
Died February 15, 1988 (aged 69)
Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Resting place Mountain View Cemetery and Mausoleum
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (SB)
Princeton University (PhD)

# Define the schema for the extracted data
schema = {
"properties": {
"name": {"type": "string"},
"born": {"type": "date"},
"died": {"type": "date"},
"city": {"type": "string"},
"education": {"type": "string"},
"resting_place": {"type":"string"}
"required": ["name", "year"],

# Initialize the OllamaFunctions LLM
llm = OllamaFunctions(model="mistral", temperature=0)

# Create the extraction chain
chain = create_extraction_chain(schema, llm)

# Run the chain on the data
result = chain.run(data)

# Print the extracted data


[{'name': 'Richard Phillips Feynman',
'born': 'May 11, 1918',
'city': 'New York City, U.S.',
'died': 'February 15, 1988 (aged 69)',
'resting_place': 'Mountain View Cemetery and Mausoleum',
'education': 'Massachusetts Institute of Technology (SB) Princeton University (PhD)'}]


Key takeaways:

This example demonstrates the power of LangChain, OllamaFunctions, and Mistral for extracting structured data from text. You can easily adapt this approach to different data formats and schemas to extract information from various text sources.

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