Shell Scripting Prerequisites

This is the first post, in the programming section. Its main intension is to give an idea about what one should know before he dives into the world of shell scripting. 

What you must know??

1.     Few basic UNIX /Linux commands {few is a relative term isn’t it?}.

2.   Different options of those commands {don’t worry; you can always call "man" for help}.

3.   Methods of giving execution permission for your files { "su" , don't forget her}.

4.   Different was of  inputting , outputting , redirecting ,concatenation of  commands and there o/p's.

5.    Regular expressions ,grep,sed and awk.

So , make a checklist and make some free space in your time curve to experience the power of scripting :)

The up coming post will cover all the prerequisites mentioned above , later on go will dive into hardcore coding.


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