Made it into The Guinness Book!

Couple of weeks back when I was cleaning my mailbox I noticed a mail which read Hey redditgiftor, YOU are a Guinness World Record holder! Ok just another spam I felt, but the mail ID seemed genuine to so just read it and noticed that it had a link to the original guinness site with a username and key!

Had a quick check on redditgits and turned out to be true, it was a Guiness record indeed! I was a part of 30k people heh heh sounds like a big number but is small when compared to 7 billion human beings ;)

Had to pay some $$ to get the certificate shipped to my place, it arrived yesterday, have a look at it below :


P.S : Does it require a frame? LOL not really!

Well all said and done, it might not be a personal achievement, but can be a bragging right? :D

Finally all I can say is : "Made it into The Guinness Book! Thank you redditgifts :)"

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