Make your own FTP !!

My dream came true , when i tried this method :)

Easy steps :

0. sudo apt-get install vsftp {install very secure ftp}.

1. sudo mkdir /home/ftp/Shared\ files {make your shared folder}.

2. sudo chmod a+rwx /home/ftp/Shared\ files {set permissions}.

3. gksu gedit /etc/vsftpd.conf {Open vsftpd’s config file}.

4. Remove the hash (#) before :

5. sudo /etc/init.d/vsftpd restart {restart vsftp}.

6. Right-click the Network-Manager icon and select Connection Information , and copy your IP .

7. Goto : Places -->Connect to server...

Looks something similar to the above picture , where you need to paste in your IP , for the sever name , then say connect :)

{The bg of the image is of Lord Krishna : Krishna }

Thats it !! you are done , you can also add a bookmark in nautilus.

P.S : You need chmod each file in your folder / use -R option , or else ftp wont work .

Now the sharing part :{for other users , remote}

Ubuntu: nautilus ftp://address

Windows: Open a My Computer window and, in the Address bar,
type ftp://address , drag and drop the parent directory to your desk-bar to create a shortcut. Share this