Shell scripting prerequisite #4

Different was of inputting , outputting , redirecting ,concatenation of commands and there o/p's.

These are so mandatory , i need not write more about it .
{ My friends said don't write, the "abc" of anything , try to reach the"xyz" }

Never the less , my creativity can be shared with you when it comes to hard core coding.

Most common symbols you come across are : "","|"

"<" ===>Used to redirect output to a file .
">" ===>Used to read input from a file.
"|" ===>Used to input the output of the command chain.
">>"==>Used to append to a file.

In depth :

standard input 0<
standard output 1>
standard error 2>

Special files: /dev/null and /dev/tty

,takes in everything,usd to get the commands exit status but not the output .
/dev/tty , useful for reading input from keyboard.

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