Stepping into Python

What is Python ?
You guessed it wrong , if you are thinking of this :

Python is a great object-oriented, interpreted, and interactive programming language.

Why Python?
Cleaner and more elegant , scripting language.

{You need to taste Honey , to know how it feels , same way you need to try python to know why python.}

The Zen of Python, by Tim Peters

Beautiful is better than ugly.
Explicit is better than implicit.
Simple is better than complex.
Complex is better than complicated.
Flat is better than nested.
Sparse is better than dense.
Readability counts.
Special cases aren't special enough to break the rules.
Although practicality beats purity.
Errors should never pass silently.
Unless explicitly silenced.
In the face of ambiguity, refuse the temptation to guess.
There should be one-- and preferably only one --obvious way to do it.
Although that way may not be obvious at first unless you're Dutch.
Now is better than never.
Although never is often better than *right* now.
If the implementation is hard to explain, it's a bad idea.
If the implementation is easy to explain, it may be a good idea.
Namespaces are one honking great idea -- let's do more of those!

How Python?
1. Create a file with .py extension
2. chmod a+x on it.
3. python

Nuts and blots of Python :
{Shall i rather call it , skin and teeth of python ;) }

Python holds a record , in the world of programing language with one of the shortest "HELLO WORLD" program.
In the terminal type "python" , to start the interpreter , there you type in the code

print "Hello ,World !!"

Thats it , you said Hello to the whole World !! Share this