Install IRC on ubuntu

What is IRC and other basic doubts is clear here :faq

How to get IRC to Ubuntu ??

Before i talk about the technical part , you a huge list of IRC client avaliable , but ill speak about the best two i liked and most of my frineds use , the list is here :


The best two options to get IRC :



xchat(click to install)

Once done with either xChat or FF addon , if you wish to register yourself to any IRC server , you need to follow these steps :{Type them in IRC window}

1. Register : /msg nickserv register "pwd" "eamil_id"

2. You will get a mail saying : /msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER mr.T xyz

3. Login : /msg nickserv identify

Thats it you are done , you can join #ubunt2 on , for my channel.

Alternative is to use Pidgin and then:

1. Enable your IRC account.

2. Add the nick of the user or bot to your buddy list

3. Right-click the new buddy and click "Add Buddy Pounce" to create a new pounce

4. Make sure "Signs on" is the only checked box in the "Pounce When Buddy..." section

5. Make sure "Send a message" is checked under "Action"

6. Enter the message, such as:identify mypassword

7. Make sure "Recurring" is checked beneath "Options" or the pounce will work only once

8. Click Save to save the pounce.

Note that you do not include '/msg nickname' as part of the message in the pounce.

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