For all those movie freaks , who dive into imdb before they hit the torrent , here is something you can give a try , its called as imdb-tumbnailer.

About imdb-thumbnailer A video thumbnailer that sets film covers as thumbnails.This is a video thumbnailer that searches imdb for covers based on the file names. It works for movies in the specified paths (recursively).For the rest of the cases or if no cover is found the default thumbnailer is used.


This application requires GTK+ version 2.10.x.

Other dependencies include:imagemagick


Deb :imdb-thumbnailer-0.7.4.deb Source : imdb-thumbnailer-0.7.4.tar.bz2

If you choose to install is from the source , here is what you must know :

You can access the rest of the instructions with the following command:

imdb-thumbnailer --help imdb-thumbnailer - help

Set the thumbnailer For nautilus:

imdb-thumbnailer --set-nautilus imdb-thumbnailer - set-nautilus

For thunar:

imdb-thumbnailer --set-thunar imdb-thumbnailer - set-Thun


gedit ~/.imdb-thumbnailer/config gedit ~ / .imdb-thumbnailer/config

Add there the paths to your films like this:

films_path[1]=/home/user/Films films_path [1] = / home / user / Films films_path[2]=/home/user/trailers films_path [2] = / home / user / trailers

Don't forget to set a different number for every path.


Set a custom cover:

imdb-thumbnailer --set video1 cover1 video2 cover2 etc... imdb-thumbnailer - set video1 cover1 video2 cover2 etc ...

If your movies already have thumbnails you can remove them with:

imdb-thumbnailer --remove video1 video2 etc... imdb-thumbnailer - remove video1 video2 etc ...

Update thumbnails:

Force the filebrowser to rebuild the thumbnails for the specified videos by changing their modification time 1 second:

imdb-thumbnailer --update video1 video2 etc... imdb-thumbnailer - update video1 video2 etc. ...


sudo rm /usr/bin/imdb-thumbnailer sudo rm / usr / bin / imdb-thumbnailer Share this