MooviDa Media Center

Search your favorite artists, songs, movies, TV shows or your own pictures.

Play your Photos and see your music , sound wired is it ? Just wanted once such thing which will blow your mind an all in one package and it's called "moovida"

Howto install "Moovida":

Supported architectures are: i386, amd64, lpia Updated packages are build in the PPA with every new release.

First make sure any previous version of elisa is uninstalled (known conflicts between Elisa and Moovida):

sudo aptitude purge '~nelisa'

Add the following line in System > Administration > Software Sources > Third-Party Software:

On Hardy Heron (8.04):

deb hardy main

On Intrepid Ibex (8.10):

deb intrepid main

On Jaunty Jackalope (9.04):

deb jaunty main

Add the PPA's public key to be certain you get the right packages and get rid of the warning messages when running apt-get update:

gpg --keyserver --recv 26C2E075 && \ gpg --export --armor 26C2E075 | sudo apt-key add - && \ sudo apt-get update

Then run

sudo aptitude install moovida

Extra plugins :plugins

More screenshots :screenshots Share this