GNU MediaGoblin

What is GNU MediaGoblin?
Initially, a place to store all your photos and artwork, more better than (Flickr, DeviantArt, SmugMug, Picasa, etc). Later, a place for all sorts of media, such as video, music, etc hosting.

P.S: This will mostly be usable system by September 2011.

Getting the code :
Dependencies : apt-get install mongodb git-core python python-dev python-lxml

Running bootstrap and buildout

Clone the repository: git clone

Bootstrap and run buildout:

About the code base :

Codebase is very Django-like in its structure and MongoDB++ is like in Django has mongokit ORM definitions is where the views go

Running the server : ./bin/paster serve mediagoblin.ini --reload

Updating dependencies : ./bin/buildout

Start hacking with the code and contribute more!

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