Heroku vs Nodejitsu for nodejs

It all started when I wanted to try out node with websockets with ws but strange but true heroku does not support node's ws but does support socket.io that internally use ws for it's client :\ Well heroku has been an old horse focusing on many programming languages.

Anyway on the other hand nodejitsu is Node.js clouds. Simple. Scalable. Enterprise-ready! Deploying apps here seem like you are working on localhost.

The below must give you a better picture of why Nodejitsu is a clear winner for nodejs!

Let's see the workflow of creating and deploying nodejs apps with these two contenders :

First up Heroku :

Steps to deploy node to heroku :

  • Create a node app and test locally.

  • Add a Procfile with web: node server.js

  • Install and setup heroku gem.

  • $ heroku app:create <app_name>

  • $ git push heroku master

  • heroku ps:scale web=1

"Heroku free version has no support for ws yet...so holding it for now"

Nodejitsu FTW! :

Steps to deploy node app to nodejitsu :

  • Create an account at nodejitsu

  • Follow the mail that you get from them i.e : sudo npm install jitsu -g ; jitsu users confirm <user> <uniq_id>

  • Now create any node app, say in the dir called myapp

  • And finally jistsu deploy that's it!

So basically after you are logged in, it's just jistsu deploy and it supports all npm moduels!

You still feel heroku is a winner? Anyway that might be relative, I'm not against anyone, just expressing my thoughts.

I quote :

"Support: I was blocked for 10.5 hours on a tiny bug with Heroku that ensured I couldn't db:push to sync up my databases. It took an awful lot of effort to get in touch with someone. With Nodejitsu, that's completely different. They're heavily active in IRC and put up with all my inane questions. In #heroku, I just get herobot spamming every ten minutes."

That has been the same experience for me!

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