Install Linux from HDD without burning from iso

Had a collection of GNU/Linux distros, had no time or money to buy DVD's :P so came up with this plan :

sudo mkdir /distro
sudo chmod `whoami`:`whoami`
cp MYLINUX.iso /distro/distro.iso
#EXTRACT Linux_kernel & Ram_disk TO /distro#
sudo nano /boot/grub/menu.lst
title GNU/Linux
root (hdX,X)
kernel /distro/Linux_kernel
initrd /distro/Ram_disk

After reboot in the menu select GNU/Linux

Distro and {Linux_kernel,Ram_disk} Pairs :

vmlinuz and initrd.img
linux and initrd
vmlinuz and all.rdz
vmlinuz and initrd.gz
vmlinuz and initrd.img
gentoo and gentoo.igz
vmlinuz and initrd.gz
bzImage and initrd.img

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