Lemote Yeeloong

Free Software Friendly Hardware :)

Few years back when i gave a talk on free software, one of the guys in the crowd asked me don't you have free hardware? I had to just justify with OpenBIOS. But we have growing list today It was a long wait to have a clean hardware with out binary blob its freedom included which is providing a decent laptop at $449.00 in and out of US, yes no shipping charges! With copyleft boot firmware (bios) with this one can proudly say he loves free software and supports it with its hardware.

The attributes Lemote Yeeloong {Notebook} :
10" display
64-bit Loongson 2F microprocessor (MIPS compatible),
160GB 2.5" SATA Hard Drive.
1024x600 graphics.
802.11 b/g wireless (wifi).
Wired ethernet.
3 USB 2.0 ports.
SD Card port.
Built-in speakers and microphone.
Headphone and microphone jacks.
Weights 2.5 lbs.
Dimensions 10" x 7.5" x 1".

Hoping to see more of free and open hardware, this is a must by for freedom lovers i feel, it will get more powerful as more of us by it :).

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