Limpid a simple app for p2pu

Limpid is a simple gtk application coded in python, as there was a requirement for the course named Scripting-101 which i'm mentoring on Mozilla P2PU. The app has a window with a split screen, where in the first part of the split is a simple webbased IRC and the other part is a virtual GNU/Linux terminal.

It all start with a simple idea, i got of embedding a vt in a terminal, later on it turned out to be a stand alone all, with a browser and a terminal in it! Absoluteness of pygtk, even the same can be achinved with QT4, there are few many massive apps, out there, but this one is a minimal app to meet the requirements.

Advantages :
0. As the course includes loads of coding, it would be very easy to follow the chat and typing in the code and errors as the appears.
1. Easier than switching between and webbased irc and a terminal.
2. As its a client side app, its highly reconfigurable, to meet the requirements, unlike running a evalbot.

Preparing your system

List of dependencies :

Get the dependencies if on a Debian based system by typing the below, or else get the source and compile :

sudo apt-get install python-gtk\
  python-vte python-webkit

After the above, you may run the code by :

git clone git://
    cd limpid

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