Meet RMS

RMS had been to RV college of engineering today to give a speech on Free Software, i was lucky enough to get a picture, autograph on my shirt and a shake hand saying happy hacking. It was an amazing experience.
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Richard Stallman — founder of the GNU Project and Free Software Foundation, and developer of GNU Emacs, GNU compiler (gcc), GNU debugger (gdb) and on of the authors of the rm command.

RMS admiring GNU

Aggression on the Saint's face

Few interesting lines from his speech apart from the fundamental attributes of free software are :

0. "Please call it GNU/Linux or GNU+Linux, it takes just a second extra".
1. "Ubuntu use Adobe flash ghaaa...."
2. "I call it the Amazon Swindle not the Kindle"
3. "Say no to DRM", i-Bad.
4. "Someone had published that i'm the father of open-source, i replied to them, that if it was true, it would have been through artificial insemination without my consent."
5. "Windows is malicious wear, so is mac".

RMS's Autograph on my shirt

When he was about to leave i got a chance to speak from few mins near his car,he had introduced me to Arun of Mozilla six months back, i said, "Sir, i don know if you remember that, but now i'm with the P2PU of Mozilla, he suggested to use GNU license for all the class materials so it could be easy to share and distribute.

Me and RMS
ME : "Sir, the issue in the primary level, is kids in here start using proprietary software and get used to it".
RMS : "Hmm... true but sad, it can be changed by you guys as a group making people aware".

ME : "If anyone wants to study in US he must use Windows to his prep as ETS provides only software which runs on Windows".
RMS : "In the first case, you don have to use such softwares to study for the exams, secondly it's not a nice place to study,they take your finger print and track you, if i were to be in India, i would have not gone to the US to study."

Me: "It's a dream come true to meet you sir".
RMS: "Don't call me Sir", "It's a dream come true to you is not by just meeting RMS in some university, its a dream come true when there is no proprietary software", "Happy hacking, byee :)".

Happy Hacking :0)

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