Mutt Gmail Labels and contact suggestions via IMAP

No matter how many E-Mail client are released, the power of Mutt remains unbeaten

IMAP or POP3 ?!

This has become much a religious war like the Emacs vs VI. With most of the ISP's facilitating the users with both the protocols and POP3 with few additions like "Leave messages on server" and "until I delete them." or "archive them" is making the battle more violent. But with the fundamental principle and enormous response from the majority of Mutt users IMAP and Mutt goes very well together

sudo apt-get install mutt to get mutt or can get the source and compile if not on Debian based OS.IMAP must be enabled in Gmail (settings -> Forwarding and POP/IMAP -> IMAP Access).

The below is configuration template i made that helps to achieve Mutt+IMAP+SSL+GNU GPG+Labels and also contact suggestions using GoogleCL:
Place the file in ~/.muttrc or ~/.mutt/muttrc

Do fork the git and improve it :
$ git clone git://

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