My Google wave ideas

My 55 ideas for Google Wave :{Some are on it's way} :
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1."Alloww grouping in contacts list like Friends,Co-workers,Bots so on. So when i click on Friends all of them in that group must be added to a single wave, so we need not add each of them."

2."Block/Ban/Kick users, sometimes spammers or sometimes from contact list itself!"

3."Ability to drag and drop media from hard-disk to wave"

4."Provide right click action on a wave like, right click delete,send to folder or spam or star the wave, copy wave, cut wave so on."

5."Show the [video description]+ when an video is embedded in a wave. Let the video description be a text below the video, which can be collapsed."

6."Give buttons for searching public waves and keep it as a separate tab, which would avoid my waves and in box waves and public waves get mixed."

7."Provide delete wave button on the wave itself"

8.""Add to dictionary" option while typing in waves."

9."After we hit the new wave button, let the cancel button be active, cause if we feel like not waving we can cancel it."

10."Search Music and embed them directly to the wave."

11."Wave owner to [mute] user in the wave, say if there is a meeting going on and contacts are added to on going meeting, there must be an option for the owner to mute and then unmute users as he presents something to the whole group and then discuss."

12."Wave and Wavelet sort option, like latest to the oldest and vise-versa. cause it would be much easier and faster than playback or scrolly, for a huge conversation."

13."Allow dragging of the panel the navigation the contact and the wave to any side of the screen."

14."Automatically clean bots and gadgets which are broken."

15."SVG support in wave!"

16."Restore button in trash."

17."Provide an option to embed web-pages in the wave, searching and adding. As of now we add and link provide on option to expand to link to the page which the link points to."

18."Give an option to roll up and roll out videos which are embedded in a wave. That is when to expand and shrink within the wave, cause it would be easier when there are many videos embedded in a wave."

19"Option to star waves."

20."Orkut || Gmail ||Calendar || Documents || Web || more â–¼option on the top of the Wave page."

21."Provide an easy way to report crashes and bugs with in a wave, with a small icon called bug report which asks few basic question about what went wrong or let the user to type in what he faced with the provision to attach screen-shots"

22."Embed media to an wave, say audio and video must play with in a wave any format."

23."Alone with the [Add gadget by URL] give option to search gadgets and categorize them."

24.""Wave Labs" button on the top right as in Gmail."

25."Provide a TODO list both private and shareable with friends in the wave."

26."Instead of the "more" (+) button in wave conversations having many participants, give a ">" option as in the slide show to view the contacts who are in the current wave, so it would be much easier to navigate and keep track."

27."Option to pile up attachments and videos with in a wave. {like a view stack} which is can be resized and reshaped as per the users wish. Which would help is easier data management when there are too many attachments with in a wave."

28."Group all the attached files in the waves so far to a folder called attachments so it would be easy to reuse data."

29."Provide Google code integration with is wave to search and add a use a piece of code collaboratively in the same wave"

30."If a wave which is been currently viewed if moved to trash, that wave must be no more visible and the wave panel must show "new wave" button."

31."Option to select all waves with a single click."

32."Mouse-over on attached media must auto-play them, if image must show a small re-sizable preview and if audio/video must play when mouse-over it for few seconds."

33."Option to Bookmark links directly form wave conversations."

34."Give option to set status with in the contact menu itself, similar to "set your status here""

35."Compile code with in your wave. There are few sites where you can try programing online like Python, Ruby online, where online interpretation is done, there is a pyBot as of now, it would be very useful for development and coding if this is achieved."

36."Google directory service to find and add contact details to wave."

37."Give the ability to select more than one images/links/videos from the "G"oogle search in the wave. {Say like ctrl clicks on multiple links and an enter must add them all to the wave}"

38."Provide a delete wave button on the new wave window menu bar, so instead of sending to trash and then deleting it we could rather find delete and that feature must work as in Gmail."

39."Import stared mails and chat conversations to a folder in wave from gmail"

40."Provide voice and video support with in wave for GNU/Linux users specially.Cause as of now even Gmail doesn't offer that."

41."The attached file must take the name as in the Hard disk / Local media"

42."Option for micro blogging."

43."SMS Channels maintenance from wave bar."

44."A [did you mean?] in the search would help when there is a typo."

45."Mashup Editor in wave:Web Mashup creation with publishing facilities, as well as syntax highlighting and debugging"

46."Make the wave window to maximize/minimize {toggle} on double click, rather than just those [- [] x] buttons"

47."Map maker from waves : Edit the map in more than a hundred countries and watch your edits go into Google Maps. Become a citizen cartographer and help map your world."

48."Add invite feature next to the contact bar as in gamil for usability purpose."

49."Let the first wave in the array of wave show up in the wave panel(right most) when we hit the "inbox","all","by me" so on."

50."Wave Connect like Friend Connect!"

51."Ride Finder support from waves so that it will easy to find our way from wave."

52."Provide Concurrent Versions System (CVS) support in waves"

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