Notes from Build Awesome Command-Line apps

Lately I was going through book and talks on "Build Awesome Command-Line Applications in Ruby: Control Your Computer, Simplify Your Life" by David Bryant Copeland.

Major stuff /me noted down from it are as below :

The UNIX Way

  • grepable (One "record" perline)
  • cutable (delimited "fieIds")
  • exit codes! (O for success, nonzero for failure)
  • messaging (stderr) vs. output (stdout)

Why Ruby?

  • High-level abstractions
  • Still close to the metal (eg. FileUtils)
  • Fast (no heavyweight VM to start up)
  • Simple packaging/distribution with RubyGems

Ruby, The Ecosystem

  • CLI is part of the culture
  • Great open-source gems for command-line
  • Great open-source gems for everything else

How you should do it

  • Check exit codes - plays well!
  • Log the command helpful!
  • Capture the output - helpful!
  • Check exit codes plays well!
  • Log the command helpful!
  • Capture the output- helpful!
  • Think of "future you"

Few CIL gems I liked :

  • Rainbow - Create colored output
  • Thor - Create a command-suite app simply and easily, as well as Rails generators
  • GLI - Create awesome, polished command suites without a lot of code
  • Slop - Create simple command-line apps with a syntax similar to trollop.
  • Childprocess - Cross-platform ruby library for managing child processes
  • Formatador - produce rich output with a tag-like string syntax, including tables and progressbars
  • Highline - handle user input and output via a “Q&A” style API, including type conversions and validation

All in All it's a pretty decent read and will help one getting started and running CLI apps in a wink ;)

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