One click duckduckgo

Check out the ONE CLICK DDG DEMO

Search any text that is selected anywhere in the OS with duckduckgo in a single click is really fun!
Yes you read it right, may the text be in a document, webpage, terminal anywhere you can imagine and select can be searched with duckduckgo with a single click, using a simple one liner and some easy GUI tricks as in the video.

Dependency : xclip - command line interface to X selections (clipboard)

sudo apt-get install xclip

The code:
xdg-open - opens a file or URL in the user's preferred application and in this case it's fetching the selected data from xclip and opening a browser that takes the help of duckduckgo to search.

xdg-open\?q="$(xclip -o)"

Trying to make a right click context menu from Gnome-Terminal people who are interested can ping me!

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