OpenVBX a web-based open source phone system.

"OpenVBX is an open source PHP/MySQL application that helps developers build rich, high quality Internet phone and SMS applications. OpenVBX provides a modern user interface for end-users and a complete API for developers."

* Web Server
* MySQL 5+
* PHP 5.2 recommended ¹
* Twilio Account
¹ Using less than PHP 5.2 requires PEAR Services_JSON

Installing OpenVBX [ As in the website ]

$ cd /var/www
# Web-server root

# Get the source
$ wget -O OpenVBX.tgz && tar xzf OpenVBX.tgz

# Set permissions

chmod a+wx /var/www/ob/OpenVBX/config
chmod a+wx /var/www/ob/OpenVBX/../audio-uploads

# Create DB

$ mysql -u root -p
Enter password:

mysql> create database vbxdb;
mysql> grant usage on *.* to vbx@localhost identified by 'vbxpasswd';
mysql> grant all privileges on vbxdb.* to vbx@localhost ;

# Start installation

Head to http://localhost/OpenVBX follow the easy steps, for the db name give vbxdb and the appropriate user name and passwords as per the previous steps.

Connect to Twilio, get your ACCOUNT SID and AUTH TOKEN fill it and complete few simple forms and enjoy the power of open source.

To reinstall : drop database, remove database.php and openvbx.php in OpenVBX subdirectory then you should be good. The re-installation steps were clarified by johndbritton

More info on : openvbx

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