Python IRC bot

It started with the intention of making a simple IRC l33t translate bot after the l33t translation API.

l33ty is an IRC bot build with python with the help of twisted modules and uses "Reactor pattern". l33ty can do few many things like :

* l33t translation
* Google I'm feeling lucky search
* Karma system
* XCKD random images
* Flipping a coin, throwing the dice

Preparing your system
List of dependencies :

0. Python 2.6.5
1. Twisted python 10.0.0
2. BeautifulSoup
3. fortune from bsd games

Get the dependencies if on a Debian based system by typing the below, or else get the source and compile :

sudo apt-get install python-twisted python-beautifulsoup

After the above, you may run the code by :

git clone git://
cd l33ty
# edit the bot nick, host and the channel as per need

Do fork the code and improve it from l33ty.git

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