Remote debugging android browsers.

This entry briefs about remote debugging browsers that are active in any of the Android devices.

The focus is mainly on the three major mobile browsers :

  • Opera.

  • FireFox.

  • Chrome.

Steps for enabling remote debugging :

P.S : Phone must be connected to the network or at least via USB.

For Opera browser :

  • Note down the desktop's local IP address. (ifconfig)

  • Opera Desktop : Tools->Advanced->Opera DragonFly and enable "Remote Debug Configuration"

  • Opera Mobile : Goto "opera:debug" and enable remote debugging for the IP noted before.

  • Opera Mobile : Open the page you want to debug.

  • Opera Desktop : Enjoying debugging the page opened on the Mobile, from the desktop console!

For FireFox (15+ Beta as of now) :

  • FireFox Desktop : Navigate to "about:config", enable “devtools.debugger.remote-enabled“ and restart browser.

  • FireFox Mobile : Navigate to "about:config" set "devtools.debugger.force-local" to false and devtools.debugger.remote-enabled to true; Restart the browser.

  • Note down the Mobile's IP address.

  • FireFox Desktop : Connect to your :6000 and debug!

For Chrome browser:

P.S : One needs Andriod SDK on the desktop for this to work!

  • Connect your mobile device to the host using a USB wire

  • On the mobile Chrome Open Settings > Advanced > Developer tools and check the Enable USB Web debugging.

  • On the desktop CLI adb forward tcp:1337 localabstract:chrome_devtools_remote

  • On the Desktop Chrome and navigate to localhost:1337 and enjoy debugging!

Well, these are the ways that worked for me, let me know if you are using better ways to remotely debug!

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