Scripting 101 reddit course

"Teaching is the best way to learn". Indeed very true, realized this as i started a course in reddit university.

"The University of Reddit is the product of free intellectualism and is a haven for the sharing of knowledge. Teachers and students are free to explore any subject that interests them."

I started mentoring this course on scripting 101 on 15.00 Sat Jul 9 15:00:00 UTC 2010 which is all about using bash, python, perl, ruby, php and many other scripting languages in day to day task. More of interaction driven with about 307 students! Its been a successful journey so far with 3 class done on BASH introduction to advance.

What next?

1.Join the Google Group
2. Read the course plan
2.Join the class in IRC [ UTC 15:00 every Saturday ]
3.Read the logs
4.View the video
Special thanks to hobs for providing space to upload the videos

So, join me in the classroom every Saturday, lets learn and let learn making a world a better place, a special thanks to reddit from me.

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