Setup your own cloud in 30 seconds

Yes from past few years there is hell lot of hype for cloud. Which is the new name the enterprise gave for the old game of web-hosting.

I recently did a setup of my OwnCloud which took be 30 seconds!

It's all about FREEDOM An open personal cloud which runs on your personal server, which is licensed with GNU AFFERO GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE

All you need is : and that's it.

OwnCloud is an snapshot of my own cloud hosted in the current server and is been publicly viewable.

Steps to install, takes 30 seconds at max

  • wget the latest source code and extract it to web dir.
  • Visit
  • Fill in the admin username and password, with default DB as SQlite. The rest is taken care of.
  • Explore and Enjoy!

What features does it provide as of now!?

Current features: file management, WebDAV access, share via public link, music streaming, users & groups, OpenID, LDAP
In development: sharing, encryption, calendar, contacts, etc., desktop sync client, Android & webOS apps, server-server sync
Planned: file editing, versioning & recovery, connecting to other services

Yes you read it right, it has WebDAV access! webdav://ADDRESS/files/webdav.php

What next ?
Do spread a word to all those people who are crazy about cloud service!

So what are you waiting for?! Go get your ownCloud!

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