Sound card not detected in ubuntu 9.10? Fix it!

Normally the Audio device: ATI Technologies Inc RS780 Azalia controller and RS* series break after an upgrade to karmic
This post is attached with a script, which will help to detect and active your sound card.{Assuming file saved as alsaconf}

sudo chmod a+x alsaconf
sudo ./alsaconf</b>

This will list you the sound cards in your machine and you can active them by selecting and hitting a enter, logout and login to not the difference. Note to Unmute from sound properties.

Indeed this script is designed to fix almost all the distributions of GNU/Linux.
Step 1 => Check for GNU/Linux distributions
For Ubuntu : cat /etc/debian_version
Step 2 => Select legacy support cards
The list of legacy cards : opl3sa2 cs4236 cs4232 cs4231 es18xx es1688 sb16 sb8
Step 3 => probe legacy ISA cards
Based on the input from step 2
Step 4 => Update drivers, remove old and test
Now ALSA is ready to use.For adjustment of volumes, use your favorite mixer.Have a lot of fun!

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