What's the deal with on{X} ?

M$cro$fot has made a big move! is it a realisation that open source (rather free) software/platform is the way to go or it is some more microsofty?

/me tired to read between the code and has tired to crack the mystery behind on{x}

On{x} is a M$ online platform for automating android smart phones! Yes I said ANDROID

Few questions and thoughts/concerns that popped in my mind:

  • Why android?

  • From M$!

  • Looks good!

  • It works!

  • Why facebook is needed for logging in?

  • So why are doing this?

  • When might have they started?

  • What next?

Ok, instead of answering them on after the other, as if I know the (wo)man behind the idea, I shall try to summarize the probability

Most of us are aware that Iphone cult is one area where any phone developer would like to beat, rather it's a fast growing (even though had a fall in the share market lately) Android is what all are behind, as it has to potential to beat the beast. [ BTW did did not work on HTC wildfire, don't know on what others it wont work ]

Microsoft having backed up with their OS share in the market, have terribly failed in the mobile world, and people say something is up with windows-8 (which i'm least bothered) anyways Microsoft also seems to know that they will not survive long with their windows stuff (as they will use GNU/Linux On Azure), so have plunged into the mobile world and the traget being Android.

So, how does all these fit into a great move? Lately Samsung funded the GNU/Linux world with 500 million dollars to improve android ( did they by the core team? Hmm not so easy ;) ) on the other hand Google bought ( and killed?) Motorola, but before all these happened Nokia became MS+Nokia.

As the deal was done with MS+Nokia, /me feels this ON{x} thinge must have started to take shape, many people had the same plans of doing this by some how microsoft has seemed to pull it!

But why?! hmm lets take a educated guess, GNU/Linux and Android are the best examples of how free and open source software can result in a great revolution, what might happen next with on{x} free contributions to Android devices can later get converted to M$ phone or OS with the same license, migration of developers to this platform would take place, but one wrong move here seems to be with FB only where most of them are fed up with FB being their identity!

Now, why FB? Facebook and Microsoft expanding strategic alliance is already a old news! One more probability is M$ converting the public scripts to FB app(s) the clue here is the On{x} apps are all built with javascript!

Ok enough of rants, will update if my mind tells me something crazier is gona happen!

P.S : These are just thoughts of a mad man! (me)

Extras : Do read their Privacy Policies.

Update 0 : They have come up with their own market place!

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