Yoda talks to XMPP, Twitter and Identi.ca

This is more a tribute to Master Yoda rather than coding!

The idea was to use a simple python script to update my gmail, tiwtter and identi.ca with a random saying from Master YODA from Star Wars!

Yoda for me is not a mere character for a movie, but he is a philosopher, motivator and indeed the renowned Jedi master.

Python modules needed :

Some extra steps for twitter
For oauth all one needs to do is create an twitter APP with Access level to be read and write in our case.

After creating note down the : consumer_key, consumer_secret, access_token_key, access_token_secret.

All is well now, GET SOURCE modify the creds and enjoy!

Yes the yoda_says list can read read from a file, better read randomly with linecache, but just wanted to have a single file for the easy of it.

You feel there are more quotes to added? Suggest them! ^_^

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