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Are You Async Yet?

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Previsouly I had written a post on intro to ES7/ES2016 async-await in this post I shall take a simple example which shall demonstarte ways to reach to a callbackless code.

Getting a random comic with xkcd-imgs module.

var xkcd = require('xkcd-imgs'); xkcd.img(function(err, res){ if(!err) { console.log(res); } });

Same code with async-await

var promisify = require('es6-promisify'); var xkcd = promisify(require('xkcd-imgs').img); console.log(await xkcd());

Let us consider more generic example of fetching some data from an URL. (Internals of xkcd-imgs module)

var request = require('request'); request('http://xkcd-imgs.herokuapp.com/', function (error, response, body) { if (!error && response.statusCode == 200) { console.log(body); } });
var result = JSON.parse(await require("request-promise")('http://xkcd-imgs.herokuapp.com/')); console.log(result);

Or you could use the fetch API

var fetch = require('node-fetch'); await (await fetch('http://xkcd-imgs.herokuapp.com/')).json();

Indeed there babeljs to take care of async-await compilation for you!

So dive in and enjoy async programming in JavaScript without callbacks ;)