Ego, will it go?

Before even wondering if __EGO__ will go. Let me try and list out my analysis of "ego" (I'm not talking about Id, ego and super-ego here, but just my experience) :

  1. Ego is not just "I, me and myself".

  2. Ego is set of rules that is derived from set of actions and reactions over time.

  3. Ego is the first reaction/impulse to a new fact or something that you did not expect.

  4. Ego is a preprogrammed response.

  5. Ego is what you are at a given state of time.

  6. Ego is not bad! It's every evolving!

Ego, Will it go? Should it?

I strongly feel that ego is kind of an unique ID that has been etched on each and every organism, from wilder beasts which draw territories, to a sun flower which want to grow high and face the sun, but we need to identify that there is a thin line between self-estime and ego, it's like "me also" and "only me". If both your ego, awareness are in sync with reality that's Shangri-La!

You don't have a ego, you are the ego! - Me

In my last article I had written about Who am I? Are we what our ego is? (Thinking)

The feeling of selflessness or the pure self can be felt in our sleep, have you ever wondered that we are not aware of ourselves in deep sleep? But, as soon as we are awake we are aware that I was the one who had a deep sleep! Is this not an wonderful indication of what happens when we are aware of ourself as we know it and the unknown unexplored self?

It's not about dropping the ego, but rather giving it an ACK and moving on!