Mozilla P2PU course

Along with the reddit university mentoring scripting 101 I got a wonderful opportunity to start a course in the Mozilla P2PU

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The main goal of P2PU is to,"create a vibrant, peer-led system that helps people around the world easily access and build careers on open web technology."

The deadlines for joining any course is 8th of this month i.e
Wed Sep 08 2010. The courses will start from 15th Sep.

Each course will have limited numbers of seats say about 8-14 on an average, each interested individual must do a simple Sign-Up Task this is then reviewed by the admin of the course, based on the quality of the your task completion, your application is accepted or rejected, once accepted that particular course will be listed in your account, further details about the course will be shared by the mentor.

The basic structure of any course will have a The Summary of what the course's main intention is, Course Syllabus what the course will be covering, Pre-requisites and indeed as said a sign-up-task.

Along with these basic things, there are more interesting things like the chat are which is connected via IRC and we also have a discussion forum along with downloadable course material.

All in all, it's an wonderful opening for all those who want to learn, either by teaching or by taking courses!

So what are you waiting for? Create an account in and join your favorite courses.


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