XMPP ruby chat bot

After Python-IRC-bot my interest was in making a gmail bot, that lead me to make a simple bot very much like the previous irc bot, its called rgbot.

To add the bot to your contact : add l33ty.l33t[at]gmail[dot]com

About rgbot
XMPP Gmail Bot in rb ; rb+gmail+bot => rgbot. rgbot is an XMPP bot build with ruby, that runs on gmail and can do things like :

* l33t translation
* Google I'm feeling lucky search
* Karma system
* XCKD random images
* Flipping a coin, throwing the dice

Preparing your system
List of dependencies :

Get the dependencies if on a Debian based system by typing the below, or else get the source and compile :

sudo gem install xmpp4r-simple

After the above, you may run the code by :

git clone git://github.com/hemanth/rgbot.git
cd rgbot
# edit the bot name and password
ruby rbgot.rb

Do give your feedbacks and suggestions in the comment section below and fork the code and improve it from rbgot.git

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